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Credit Card Data Breach Strikes Sears, Delta and Best Buy

April 17, 2018

A credit card data breach has affected a number of companies who used an online customer chat service, [24] The companies affected, such as Sears, Kmart, Delta and Best Buy have been swift to notify customers since learning of the breach, but the incident actually took place at the back end of 2017.

Credit Card Data Breach Strikes Sears, Delta and Best Buy

Credit card data breach

The credit card data breach has affected thousands of potential customers, but the exact numbers are hard to know just yet. Sears believe that 100,000 customers’ records might have been exposed, but Delta and Best Buy have described the vulnerability as only affecting a small proportion of their customers.

The malware struck [24]’s online chat app, that all the affected companies used to deal with online customer relations. The company said it:

“discovered and contained an incident potentially affecting the online customer payment information of a small number of our client companies and affected clients have been notified. The incident began on Sept. 26, and was discovered and contained on Oct. 12, 2017.

“We are confident that the platform is secure, and we are working diligently with our clients to determine if any of their customer information was accessed.”

Those affected may have had names, addresses, credit card numbers, CVV numbers and expiration dates stolen.

Preventing a credit card data breach

A credit card data breach is not what any company or organization wants – it can lead to financial damage for those affected and damage the relationship and trust that the organizations have with their customers. Credit to the companies affected – they have responded as best as you can hope in such circumstances, notifying customers quickly.

But why it took so long for [24] to notify its clients of the breach – months after – is a bit of a mystery.

The whole incident is a reminder of the need for secure working collaborations. Your internal security might be top of the line, but the security solutions and attitude of your partners needs to be equally as strong, or they can become a weak spot and potential vulnerability.

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