Security Ecosystem / Protected Sharing

Quickly and securely share files, folders and projects with groups and individuals with read-only and write privileges. GDS manages the whole process, and anyone sharing your data accesses it with their own encryption keys, which can be revoked at any time

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Share data with external users and keep it secure

Protected Sharing allows organizations to share as much or as little data as required without having to worry about manually encrypting or decrypting files, having to remember to share passwords, access codes or anything else. Our key encryption management system ensures that each project, folder or even individual document can only be read by the person you intend to share it with.


Grant or revoke secure third party user access to network

Our system architecture is only accessible via the GDS Client, regardless of where it is installed. This gives you the power to seamlessly manage users and data across enterprises without having to rely on IT staff. We make collaborating with multiple parties outside your organization as simple and secure as collaborating with those inside your organization.


Provide the same network security to other organizations

While your organization may currently have a robust data security system in place, what about the number of vendors and clients you have allowed into your network, and do business with on a daily basis. When data leaves your secure network, and is stored and accessed on your vendor or client’s networks, you have traditionally lost all control and visibility. With Global Data Sentinel, you are no longer vulnerable if your vendors and clients cannot afford the same level of security as your organization. Those you do business with do not even have to be our clients in order for your organization to be protected.


Workflow management ensures deadlines are met and events aren’t missed

Utilizing our workflow management capabilities, you will be sent reminders for upcoming events and deliverables, as well as alerts for any deadlines that might be missed. Our multi-node global address book of users simplifies data sharing across enterprises while providing private internal and public external identities, thus ensuring your calendar and contact information are fully secure, up-to-date and easily accessible. Never worry about missing a recurring deadline or having a project fall through the cracks again.

Key features & benefits


Grant secure access to external users


Control user access & monitor activity


Secure network of networks


Full tamper-proof audit trail & user tracking