Security Ecosystem / AI & Threat Response

Automated systems constantly monitor data usage to spot uncharacteristic behaviors of staff and contractors, quickly closing down access and limiting data loss if a threat is detected or a data threshold met

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is implemented using neural networks to create a learning machine that can ‘intelligently’ derive actions from feedback gained from past histories of successes or failures. When detecting an anomaly, AI can investigate the access pattern directly, very much like human intervention would. This automated process will only contact a human manager when a suspicion threshold is met – ensuring access to data is not interrupted for legitimate use.


Insider threats are significantly reduced by restricting user access

Threats to your data do not only exist outside of your company. Sometimes the threats reside within. We give you the power to quickly grant and revoke access to your valuable files. If a user attempts to access files more often than approved, you will be notified immediately. If there are signs of malicious intent, we offer a kill button, which immediately revokes a user’s access to the system. This way you don’t have to worry about an employee going rogue and misusing your valuable data.


Put a stop to it before it’s too late

Far too often – data breaches are discovered too late – once all the damage has been done. It’s true that if companies employ all the best practices and security measures, data breaches become significantly less likely. However, security is a battlefield it’s best to stay on the front foot of. Hence, having the means to quickly identify a breach and subsequently limit its damage is a great tool to have. Tamperproof auditing and tracking of the files on a system makes it possible to easily identify misuse by an employee or the presence of a foreign threat. Organizations need a system that detects abnormal activity as it’s happening. If a company can identify the issue early – it can minimize the damage quickly – rather than reacting months after the act.

AI Features

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GDS actually learns a user’s behavior pattern and notices if a user is accessing or using files in an uncharacteristic way. Settings can be customized at the domain, department, role or user level


GDS monitors user behavior, creating guidelines that can be fine-tuned based on activity by job role, calendar events, etc. Detailed, tamper-proof audit trails are created even for admins - nothing is invisible


Alerts are immediately sent if GDS detects unusual activity. Overrides and circumvention are impossible


System responses can be fully automated with no requirement for human intervention. GDS is able to scramble a user’s keys, revoke access and shut the account down

Key features & benefits


Full tamper-proof audit trail


Simple to use console


Automatic alerts detect misuse or unusual behavior


Set limits to automatically protect data