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At every level of government, be it federal, state or county, the public have a right to demand the state protects them with strong cyber security. The least that people can expect is that their governmental and public-sector services are run safely and reliably right across the board – whether that is the IRS, schools, the postal service, public transport, or basic utilities such as water, heating and light.

Today, for public services, local and national infrastructure, the highest levels of cyber security are needed to protect citizens and support the people who work in the sector.

protecting citizen data

Protecting citizen data

Many services in the public sector require the retention of its citizens’ private data. The number one security concern for the sector therefore has to be the secure management of that personal data.

Big brand companies that lose or fail to protect consumer data usually suffer reputational damage and the loss of customers as a result. But it’s scandalous when a government or public-sector organization fails to protect citizen data, and entire administrations can fall as a result.

Global Data Sentinel helps the public sector properly protect data by using extensive encryption solutions:

  • Data is encrypted at rest on the network server
  • Encryption is embedded within the data so that security travels with it at all times and across all networks
  • Encryption remains active at the client end and on remote devices
  • Encryption that ensures only authorized viewers can access and read or alter the data

safe internal sharing

Safe internal sharing

Citizen data, including confidential sensitive information, often needs to be held by public sector organizations. But that should not mean virtually anyone working in that particular organization should have access to the data whenever they want. It’s a potential invasion of privacy and also greatly increases the risk of a cyber security breach.

The public sector needs to limit access to data and eliminate risk in its network. Global Data Sentinel achieves this by deploying strict access control protocols based on secure and reliable identity management. Users can send files and information across the network safe in the knowledge that only verified and authorized users can read them.

  • Multi-Factor identity management using biometric to reliably identify users
  • Authority to access files linked to verified identity not just a password
  • Audit and track all user activity to quickly identify suspicious behavior
  • Revoke access remotely in the event of a suspected threat

share safely outside the organization

Share safely outside the organization

Public sector bodies do not operate in a vacuum. They often need to collaborate with external private organizations – insurance companies, banks, surveyors etc. If that collaboration involves sharing citizen data, then the right precautions need to be in place to ensure that information can be shared without risk.

Global Data Sentinel’s encryption-based security allows for protected sharing within and outside your own network. The security protection for the data is embedded within the data even when it leaves the host network. In fact, the data files can be protected so that they can’t be opened, or edited, forwarded, copied or even printed without proper authorization. Someone authorized to open a file, may even only be allowed to read the data, not save it, forward it or amend it.

  • Security that travels with data
  • Control data rights
  • Read-only documents
  • Revoke access whenever desired

backup and recovery

Backup and recovery

Public sector services underpin our daily lives. Major failures or downtimes can have serious consequences. While a power cut to some people means reading a book by candlelight – to others it means their medical equipment could cease functioning. Many people would be at risk if important public services, hit by a cyber-attack, were to be out of action for an extended period of time afterwards.

Global Data Sentinel’s backup and recovery is an excellent everyday tool to keep track of files internally and to recover from accidental data loss; Built on a full version control system, it really comes into its own should a major security incident take place. Put simply, our service lets an organization effectively roll-back time to a point when the network wasn’t affected by the attack, therefore enabling it to quickly recover all data.

  • Roll-back without overwriting current file versions
  • Data securely backed up and archived
  • Recover deleted files
  • Monitor document changes

GDS at work

When ransomware strikes

Ransomware attacks have become an increasingly common form of attack, especially against public sector services. Fraudsters and hackers know that public sector organizations can’t afford to be frozen out of their systems when public lives could be put at actual risk. Therefore, a ransomware attack can very quickly illicit a payment from the public sector especially if the situation threatens to get worse the longer it remains unresolved. It’s a weakness that fraudsters are not slow to exploit.

GDS Protection

With a back-up and recovery solution form Global Data Sentinel, governmental bodies recover quickly from any attack. Importantly, they can neutralize the ransomware threat by rolling back to a time before the network was infected by the ransomware. By automatically reverting to a known working data version, important services can be resumed and maintained without delay.

Protecting citizens’ data

People who work in the public sector potentially have access to the data of a huge number of citizens. It’s the duty of the organization to responsibly protect, manage and use that data with all due care and attention. That includes having protection in place should an employee harboring a grudge against the organization willfully tries to inflict damage on the system or harvest valuable data. They could potentially abuse their position to access sensitive government documents, profit from the leaking of data or build a fraud attack of their own.

GDS Protection

Global Data Sentinel uses a multi-factor identity management system to ensure data access is restricted to only those people who are authorized. Access is also not always universally available; it might be granted for short periods or withdrawn as required. And because access is monitored and audited, behavior tracking highlights any person trying to access data beyond their authority, or otherwise behaving unusually. This detailed tracking combined with identity management for access control, ensures suspicious behavior can be spotted and stopped at source.