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Many manufacturers use third party companies to carry out drug trials, and sharing information between the subcontractors, tracking the data and being able to see who is accessing it and what changes are being made is key to keeping the trial on track


In the Pharmaceutical industry, protecting data is not just about confidentiality. Important though that is, security and protection in the world of pharmaceuticals needs to cover:

  • Safeguarding intellectual property
  • Restricting access – especially to R&D information
  • Delivering industry compliant solutions
  • Protecting valuable business assets
  • And all the while maintaining shareholder value


Around the clock and all around the network

Global Data Sentinel understands the value of that data, and that protection needs to be applied not just 24x7x365, but also to cover a range of situations, possibilities and working practices, such as:

  • Where data is stored “at rest”
  • Who has authority to access
  • How is it protected “in transit”
  • Is it protected when “in use”
  • Are alterations properly logged, audited and reversible?


Encryption at its heart

With a Global Data Sentinel node sitting on a pharmaceutical company network, vital data becomes encrypted, automatically. But simply encrypting the data on the network is not enough – Global Data Sentinel goes much, much, further.

  • Data stored on remote devices – PC’s, laptops, tablets, smartphones – is also encrypted to protect it;
  • The data remains encrypted while it is in transit across private or public networks;
  • Access rights to data on devices can be remotely revoked if they are lost or stolen
  • And if a user moves to a different project, access to relevant data is revoked and access authority [privileges] automatically changed


Protection from copying and from change

Our encryption protection is very comprehensive. But we go further.

  • Documents and data can also be protected so that they can’t be copied or printed – protection against corporate espionage & insider threats
  • Any changes made to a document are maintained in an audit trail
  • Network synchronization ensures a change made on one device is automatically reflected on network on any other device.
  • And there’s the facility to roll back time and revert to an earlier version across all copies of the data.


Passwords alone are not enough

With our solutions, pharmaceutical businesses are protected from Cyber-crime, malicious hacks, and unauthorized access by the use of two-factor authentication techniques including the use of biometrics.

With the use of biometric technology, and in particular fingerprints, we can ensure that login and password credentials are always used by authorized personnel. Also, because all changes to data are tracked, we can pinpoint and associate each action to the individual accessing the data at any time.


Solution portfolio:

For the Pharmaceutical and BioTech industries, Global Data Sentinel’s solutions cover:

  • Network-wide encryption
  • Biometric access control
  • Data management and auditing
  • Remote device management and configuration

GDS at work

There are many scenarios where GDS solutions help Pharmaceutical companies with everyday challenges that are potentially worth billions of operational dollars.

Safeguarding IPR

Typically valuable IPR data will be stored across a host of sites and even with some third party sub-contractors. Sharing key data only to those authorized and with full protection in transit is a potential billion-dollar risk.

GDS Protection

Encryption on the network, on the devices and in transit offers strong protection. The use of biometrics to access data ensures only the right eyes have visibility, and files are protected against remote printing, copying or forwarding to unauthorized personnel. Access rights can also be revoked remotely with any stored data on devices also deleted.

Managing drug trials

Many manufacturers use third party companies to carry out drug trials – and sometimes more than one for each trial. Sharing information between the subcontractors, tracking the data and being able to see who is accessing it and what changes are being made is key to keeping the trial on track. Any tampering or manipulation of data will likely render the trial invalid and incur considerable costs.

GDS Protection

Our industry–leading data auditing capability can provide tamper-proof evidence that all the procedures and processes have been followed correctly. What’s more the system can provide instant notification of any unauthorized or unusual activity creating an alert that prevents mistakes occurring and protects the drug trial investment.