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GDS can control the whole end-to-end data protection process ensuring that even when the material is decrypted for editing, the data remains monitored and is protected from unauthorized transmission, copying or forwarding

With the growth of streaming on-demand movie services, and cloud-based access to all sorts of news and entertainment, access controls and rights management in the media and entertainment industry is changing dramatically. Companies in these industries now have more data and financial information about individual consumers than ever before.

  • Credit card details
  • Multiple users and profiles on one account
  • Device and device location information
  • Passwords
  • Transaction history
  • Personal content library

The information these companies are holding is valuable and needs the very highest levels of data protection. But that’s just the one element of the post-production side of the data security issue in the entertainment industry. There are ever-present and increasing challenges during production itself.


It’s in the can – and it’s also on the Internet

Making material for TV and movie audiences is an expensive business. And now, when the sequence being filmed is “in the can” – it’s most likely also being digitally transferred back to the studio over the web.

That exclusive footage that no-one else has; that interview with the famous movie-star; that rooftop “live” music video just completed – is all being sent across the internet back to the studio. And even if the production team decides to send material back to the studio on a hard drive via a courier – are you sure the data is really safe?


The final edit may not be the final edit

And even when production has finished and the final edit is available, distribution to movie theaters is often digitally over networks, or via a courier with a physical hard drive copy. Leaking hijacked copies of movies, onto the Internet, before they are officially released can cost studios, and movie theaters, many millions of dollars. All of which means that production companies need to know:

  • Is the material I am sending protected by encryption?
  • Can I control who has access to view it?
  • Can I prevent it being copied?
  • Can I remotely wipe it from a device?
  • Can I protect and restore my original footage?
  • Can I see if someone has tried to access it without authority?


Protection at all times and in all formats

Whether pre-production or post; whether within the trade or for consumer access; it’s not enough for files to be encrypted during transit, they need to be encrypted and protected at rest – both on the server and on any remote devices and systems. With Global Data Sentinel, our systems do exactly that: with our systems the encryption is inside the data, travels with the data, and protects the data at all times.

  • Material downloaded from a server to a pc or other device – protected thru encryption at both ends and during the transmission
  • Only authorized for viewing for limited time – on device data can be remotely deleted
  • No copying allowing – permanent transfer to a hard drive, a memory stick, or another device via Bluetooth can be blocked remotely


Authorized users only

Encryption to protect data goes a long way to ensuring it remains safe. Putting measures in place to protect unauthorized viewing is another vital step.

From a consumer perspective, it could be as simple as an authorized device, with an authorized payment, and some checks to ensure that the person with the financial authority is actually aware of the transaction taking place – two factor authentication or a biometric measure are all possible using Global Data Sentinel.


Watching the watchers

These types of checks are arguably even more important inside the industry. What level of authority does a user have – does it include the right to edit or delete material from the system for example. And if material is accidentally deleted, can it be restored. Global Data Sentinel’s key access control features include:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Biometric capability
  • Access rights management
  • Audit trail protection and back-up

In combination these controls help ensure only the authorized users access, view, or edit material.

GDS at work

There are many scenarios where GDS solutions help media and entertainment companies protect their data and their multi-million dollar investments.

Protecting the production

The production process of movies and TV programs can involve not just hundreds of people, but hundreds of sub-contractors. In fact some production companies deliberately use the technique of splitting a project across a number of contractors so that nobody other than the main team has access to the finished product. This is seen as a great protection against damaging wholesale leaks, but some damage has been done by fragmented versions and clips finding their way onto the web before launch.

GDS Protection

Our solution enables studios and production companies to control and manage the encryption of each and every fragment and section of a movie no matter where it is sitting and on what device.

GDS can control the whole end-to-end data protection process ensuring that even when the material is decrypted for editing, the data remains monitored and is protected from unauthorized transmission, copying or forwarding. Any attempt to switch off this functionality will result in logs and notifications to indicate there has been a breach.

Inside and outside the tent

In any production, keeping material and information confidential both inside and outside of the organization is paramount and one of the major sources of leaks can be as simple as email.

GDS Protection

Fully encrypted and revocable email delivers maximum protection both within an organization and when dealing with third-parties. Our system generates an email audit trail so any deliberate attempts to leak information can be identified and sensitive material remotely deleted.