Industries / Financial Services

The financial services sector is one of the world’s most highly regulated markets. Being able to demonstrate full compliance is a business fundamental that represents a major challenge on legacy IT infrastructure

Whenever a security data breach is reported in any industry, the immediate fear always concerns whether any financial information has been compromised. For firms working in the financial sector those alarm bells arguably ring the loudest.

  • Credit and debit card details
  • Transaction and payment history
  • Bank account data
  • Trading partners
  • Password information

All this and more valuable financial information is stored, moved, and regularly accessed across a range of devices on private and public networks. Being confident about the security of that information – and being able to demonstrate and support that confidence with facts – is a vital part of winning and retaining trust.


It’s always in a safe place

For businesses working in the financial sector, being able to demonstrate exactly how they maintain and safeguard the security of the data on their network; and how they are able to provide that level of protection at all times, has become a vital part of winning business and retaining client trust. Companies need to answer important questions such as:

  • Where is data stored?
  • Who has authority to access?
  • What authentication method is used?
  • How is data protected?
  • Are changes logged by time and indivdual?
  • Is there an audited trail?


Protection at all times

With Global Data Sentinel, our protection begins with class-leading encryption. We ensure that all data on the network is automatically encrypted at all times. But we go further than that because with our solution, the encryption travels with the data. This means:

  • Data stored on remote devices remains encrypted;
  • Data is encrypted in transit across private or public networks;
  • Data can be remotely wiped from a device if stolen or lost
  • Only users with the correct access rights can view the data


For your eyes only

We also take serious steps to ensure that data can only be accessed by the people with the correct authorization. In many of the most widely reported data breaches, they occur because an employee or system administrator’s login credentials have become compromised. Our underlying encryption is a rock solid line of defense against most hacks – but we double-up the protection against password credential hacks with:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Biometric capability
  • Access rights control (least privilege for limiting data exposure)
  • Audit trail protection


See what others are seeing

By using the above features we can ensure that we know exactly who is accessing the data, what they are doing with it, what services they are allowed to view, and what level of authority they have with the data – view but not change; view but not save to any other location, view but not print etc. With Global Data Sentinel, stealing login credentials alone is not enough to gain access; and access to one area of data does not give access to all.

Our system also actively tracks and audits what individuals do while they use the data, and we can roll back time to revert and correct any changes. For companies in the Financial Services market – Global Data Sentinel ensures that all data and financial information stays secure and fully protected at all times.

GDS at work

There are many scenarios where GDS solutions help financial services companies deliver assurance to their customers and demonstrate trusted partner status.

Delivering full compliance

The financial services sector is one of the world’s most highly regulated markets – from the Dodd Frank regulations in the US to the requirements of MiFID II in Europe. Being able to demonstrate full compliance is a business fundamental that represents a major challenge on legacy IT infrastructure.

GDS Protection

Our solution provides a security blanket overlay on existing networks – guaranteeing that all data communications are monitored, logged and recorded where necessary. With our secure multi-key approach, authorities can also access and review organizational data to permit open and transparent auditing. Nothing is hidden, any tampering is identified, and full version control and audit tracking provides peace of mind compliance.

Wealth Management services

The fast-growing wealth management market is run almost exclusively through email and voice communications. Given the size of the funds in question, the communications segment is an obvious target for cyber-criminals to infiltrate processes and divert funds.

GDS Protection

GDS secures and protects communications throughout their lifecycle. Our national-security grade encryption protocols render intercepted communications worthless and our audit and tracking measures delivers an instant alert should any encrypted data be diverted. This means files held by the management companies can be securely shared with clients for their review, safe in the knowledge that the transfer is encrypted, and the access to the data at the remote end can be specified to require biometric log-in.