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The energy industry is arguably the world’s largest by most generally accepted measures – whether that’s in financial terms, in numbers employed, or its sheer worldwide scale

Security in this industry means many things, operating in some of the world’s most difficult, remote, environmentally challenging and volatile regions. But data security is right at the top of the list and covers areas such as:

  • Protecting survey information
  • Production and performance data
  • R&D on refining processes and additives
  • Stock levels and shipment plans

And let’s not forget the value of the cargo so to speak. This is an industry that routinely deals in billions of dollars and where performance, price, and profitability doesn’t just affect individual companies, but the global economy in general.


In energy – information really is power

Data in the world of energy can include information helping to identify exactly where to drill or explore for the greatest possible reward. That, and other company information on production and business performance is virtually priceless. Safeguarding it at all times and ensuring it remains company confidential demands the high standards of encryption and protection provided by Global Data Sentinel solutions.

  • Encryption while data is at rest on the network server
  • Encryption embedded within the data that travels with it across networks
  • Encryption that remains active at the client end and on remote devices
  • Encryption that ensures only authorised viewers can read the data

Our systems work round the clock and round the globe to keep that vital, business critical information out of the wrong hands and safe from prying eyes.


Document protection beyond simple encryption

With Global Data Sentinel we not only protect your data through encryption, we can protect its usage as well – both within the data itself and according to the authority level of those accessing the information.

Some data files can be protected so that they can’t be edited, forwarded either inside or outside of the organization, copied or even printed without proper authorization.

  • Document protection to prevent unauthorized copying and printing
  • All changes are maintained in audit trail and are fully reversible to roll back time
  • Network wide synchronisation: a change in one location is reflected automatically across all versions of that document – and is flagged accordingly
  • The ability to remotely wipe data from a device should it be lost or stolen


Who are you again?

With our systems and approach, it is not simply enough for a device to be logged once and then authorized to view material – we repeatedly check that people accessing data are who they say they are – and that means more than simple passwords or swipes of staff passes.

We use biometrics – such as fingerprint scan – to ensure we know exactly who is accessing data; and can issue repeat challenges when material is requested. As well as biometric technology, we can incorporate other forms of two factor-authentication to maintain the highest levels of personal and company data security.

What’s more, our comprehensive audit trail processes mean we can link any data changes to the actual individual taking the action and ensure that unusual activity is flagged and investigated.

GDS at work

Protecting geographic data

The interception of the data created during geographic analysis when searching for natural resources could result not just in huge financial losses for a business, but in extreme circumstances, civil war and even military conflict. The research and surveying departments of the major energy companies generate huge quantities of data for analysis and review and require this data to be shared and transmitted around the world to thousands of scientists and engineers.

GDS Protection

Our systems deliver secure sharing of business critical survey data, with full control for permission revocation, a comprehensive audit trail and logging for changes down to individual keystrokes. GDS can provide secure communications systems including chat-style messaging services and email. With the highly dispersed nature of the workforce, these precautions are a vital first line of defense.

Crisis management

The oil industry in particular can suffer from major business challenges as a result of oil spills and accidents. In these cases, business recovery is aided by accurate auditing and by secure, verified, record keeping that can help pinpoint the causes of an incident and also avoid a lot of costly law suites. In cases like the Deep Sea Horizon oil spill, the communications between the various subcontractors involved in the construction and servicing of the equipment were key to the investigation.

GDS Protection

With traditional IT systems, communications networks, and data storage solutions, it is all too easy for evidence to be removed, altered or otherwise tampered. With GDS secure email, version control, data monitoring and tamper-proof auditing, full transparency is guaranteed. Such precautions and measures are becoming almost a Government requirement before licenses to drill or explore are issued. GDS solutions are helping companies in multiple industry sectors demonstrate full regulatory compliance and to audit their own workforce to the highest levels of security and quality performance.