Data in the world of energy can include information helping to identify exactly where to drill or explore for the greatest possible reward.

Safeguarding it at all times and ensuring it remains company confidential demands the high standards of encryption and protection provided by Global Data Sentinel solutions.

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Financial Services

Valuable financial information is stored, moved, and regularly accessed across a range of devices on private and public networks.

Being confident about the security of that information – and being able to demonstrate and support that confidence with facts – is a vital part of winning and retaining trust.

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Pharma & BioTech

GDS can help Pharmaceutical companies with everyday challenges potentially worth billions of operational dollars.

Pharmaceutical businesses require protection from Cyber-crime, malicious hacks, and unauthorized access by the use of two-factor authentication techniques including the use of biometrics.

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Media & Entertainment

Companies in these industries now have more data and financial information about individual consumers than ever before.

The information these companies are holding is valuable and needs the very highest levels of data protection. But that’s just the one element of the post-production side of the data security issue in the entertainment industry.

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