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End-To-End Encryption Platform for the Enterprise Cloud

The Global Data Sentinel solution is a new, radical and unique architecture that sits seamlessly inside your existing systems and networks. Light weight and easy to deploy, Global Data Sentinel adds no new loads or pressures to your servers, and can be incrementally implemented to secure your most important data and communications first.

Most companies that promise true data security only encrypt your valuable data while it is in transit, and not when it is at rest on their server. This means that anyone from hackers to the company’s own staff can access your data. To counter this, we provide comprehensive end-to-end encryption from your computer to our, or your server, even after the data leaves your possession.


Never lose control of who has access to your data

The promise of total data security has remained the unattainable goal of corporations, businesses and individuals since the dawn of electronic communications. In the current environment, it is impossible to keep track of your data and ensure its safety. Technicians, both inside and outside your organization or home, have unhindered access to your data. Security breaches along with deliberate and malicious attacks on your documents happen without your knowledge.


Counter threats quickly with centralized monitoring and alerts

Once you become aware of the attacks, it is too late, the damage is done. The problem is compounded when information has to be shared, particularly outside your organization. The same strict standards and policing that may go on inside your organization are irrelevant once the data has left, and you have lost control.

Core Security Features

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Client-Side Encryption

Data is always encrypted on your device before it comes to us or is stored on your network. We never store or have access to plain text data, ensuring total privacy and confidentiality

Encryption Key Management

Our whole system is built entirely on the premise that you, and only you, have the keys to your data. You are the only one who can unlock your data, not a hacker, not our staff, in fact no one

Multi-Factor Authentication

We offer multi-factor identification including biometrics, because while a password can always be copied, you cannot

User Access Control

We give you the power to quickly grant and revoke access to your valuable files

Tamper-Proof Audit Trail

Our intuitive interface provides you with a tamper-proof audit trail to quickly view how each member of your firm is accessing and utilizing files, including external users who have been granted access

Zero-Knowledge Privacy

Our ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy means that we can’t even see or access your data. Your data is encrypted at all times so our server never knows anything about the contents of the information you are storing with us