Company / Management Team

Shafi Khan
Vice President of Business Development

Shafi Khan Profile ImageShafi Khan started his career with a family-owned Telecom company (First Ever Wholesale VoIP Wholesaler) Global Voice Telecom and subsequently founded other 4 successful companies, helping establish and maintain C-Level level relationships in the Entertainment, Telecom, IT and Energy sectors. This has been the key to a solid business portfolio and network for Shafi which benefits the colleagues he is working with today.

Over 15 years of extensive business development, marketing and managing companies from inception / start-up phase through periods of high-growth and onto mature companies, has developed Shafi into a self-motivated worker with proven ethics to meet today’s organizational challenges.

The experience gained in building companies from the ground up has afforded Shafi solid entrepreneurial experience, enabling him to identify business opportunities and turn them into profitable ventures. The ability to effectively plan and execute dealings with companies from small private enterprises to Fortune 500 companies such as Vodaphone, ATT, Centile, Etislat, MTN Africa and Middle East, this has been the hallmark of Shafi’s corporate experience.

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