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About us

At Global Data Sentinel we are working to fight the constantly evolving data security threats faced by our high value clients. We work with clients in a wide range of industries to provide software solutions for secure communications, identity based security, behavioural analytics, ransom ware prevention and many other client specific security requirements.

We work with industry standard and proprietary security and cryptography systems to create secure software so that our clients can be assured that their data will be safe even when sharing over unsecure networks.

We use a wide variety of Microsoft and open source development tools, and we are continuously evaluating new technologies to meet existing and new requirements. All members of our development team have input into the design and architecture of our products, and we are constantly challenging our own designs and preconceptions to ensure our solutions remain secure.

As we expand our client base we face new challenges and requirements and need to grow our research and development team. We are looking for testers who have a wide range of experience they can offer our company, and in exchange we can provide a fantastic environment where they can genuinely contribute.