Company / Overview

Global Data Sentinel empowers organizations to protect, share and manage their valuable data even after it leaves their possession. Whether companies need to secure confidential financial or credit card information, shield client data, guard intellectual property or collaborate on large-scale projects, we give companies the power of secure control over their data. We are the only end-to-end solution for businesses that care about the security of their data in the cloud.


We secure data across all networks & devices

Whether your data is at rest or in transit, on your network or in the cloud, it will always be secure with our advanced identity management and encryption technologies. We simultaneously provide tamper-proof audit reporting, secure cross-enterprise data collaboration, client and vendor portals and an integrated and configurable workflow. We combine all of this in a multi-platform system that is lightweight and transparent in your day-to-day operation.


‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy is crucial

Our ‘Zero-Knowledge’ privacy means that we can’t even see or access your data. Your data is encrypted at all times so our server never knows the contents of the information you are storing with us. Because of this, your data is never at risk of being stolen or misused, either by internal threats or external hackers. Our unique architecture, which is simple to deploy and use, provides you with the ideal way to collaborate while enhancing security, privacy and workflow.


Understanding the economic effect of data breaches

The Center for Strategic and International Studies recently reported that the Internet economy annually generates between $2 trillion and $3 trillion, a share of the global economy that is expected to grow rapidly. Additionally, this report estimates that cyber crime extracts between 15 percent and 20 percent of the value created by the Internet. The most significant costs come from:

  • Loss of intellectual property
  • Theft of financial assets and sensitive business information
  • Opportunity costs
  • Additional costs for securing networks
  • Recovering from cyber-attacks, including reputational damage to the hacked company.


Total estimated losses due to cyber crime range between $375 billion and $575 billion annually

At Global Data Sentinel, we find this loss unacceptable. We see a real and immediate need for an end-to-end, enterprise-level solution when it comes to protecting and sharing data, and we are the only solution to this rapidly growing problem.